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Action competence as the goal for Health Education and Environmental Education

Are you concerned about the prospects of the future of our Planet and the well-being of people?

Do you see a strong civil society as the only way for sustainable development?

Do you believe in people' s right to a good and healthy life?

Do you think education should help develop confident, critical and responsible citizens?

Read on to learn about the action competence approach to environmental education and health education and why these two areas often should be linked.

The action competence approach to environmental education and to health education is based on a humanistic view on education. It is far from moralistic approaches, but is based on a trust in democracy as the fair way to develop societies and their educational systems and practice.

You will here find the important resources about the theory of action competence, argumentation behind it, and different examples of projects and research initiatives related to the action competence approach to environmental education and health education.

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The fortcoming bulletin board is also a place to give information of relevance for the development of action competence.

Soren Breiting

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